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Atheists (who ‘though cannot prove that Elohim of the Bible does not exist) and other skeptics often say that the Bible is just old mythology written to control populations, supposedly all lies made up by conniving arbiteurs of history.  So who was behind the ancient writing of the “bad history” of the Old Testament all the way back to Genesis, and was the life of Jesus during his incarnation just all made up?

Why did Christianity rapidly blossom from Jerusalem, there the earliest believers mostly Jews, if Jesus did not die and then resurrect as recorded in the New Testament?  Did all those martyrs from that time die really for nothing?  Since skeptics today say that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a fraud, don’t you think the Jews who were alive at the time would better have known that than ignorant skeptics today?

We know that the New Testament scriptures have not been changed for two thousand years (except in some modern translations surely bent on destroying the message), and the Dead Sea Scrolls from circa 200 b.c., where all of the books of the Old Testament but the book of Esther are represented, demonstrate that the scriptures of the Old Testament have not changed, so on what basis do the skeptics today say the scriptures were made up by conspirators for bad history?

Supposedly where in the Old Testament is wrong history?  Can you name a biblical generation before which you think false history is recorded?  If you think you can name a generation, then what’s supposedly wrong with the historicity of the father of that person you may name?  So you say it’s all bad history?  Then why is the Table of Nations a fantastically accurate template of the ancient people groups confirmed by archaeology?  Read much more here, think about it.

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