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The ancient greek historian Eusebius wrote that the Flood of Ogyges which consumed much of Greece occurred at the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt circa 1450 b.c., so you’d think Plato would  have mentioned that flooding by the sea, legendary in all of Greece, in his writing about the history of Atlantis, the dialogues with Critias and Timaeus, wherein they reported that when Atlantis was flooded, so too was much of Greece, a great rise of the sea level.

In the story, Atlantis was a bronze age empire with trireme ships for global navigation and mining for gold, silver, copper, and tin, the latter two integral components for bronze production, the alloy begun to have been produced circa 2200 b.c. all archaeologists agree, so Plato’s date for the submergence of Atlantis at circa 9600 b.c. is clearly far askew, he having neglected to correlate the Flood of Ogyges to end the bronze age with the flooding of Atlantis, a bizarre miscalculation indeed.

Adding insult to injury is that Plato wrote of the greek kings Erechtheus, Cecrops, Erysichthon, and Theseus, havng lived in the timeframe that Atlantis (and much of Greece) went under, those ancient kings having re-established order and city building in the aftermath of the flood, those kings acknowledged by all to have lived circa 1300 b.c., so is it not strange that Plato did not put two and two together, or did he really think those kings lived 9,000 years before his time?

Submerged off Greece are a multitude of megalithic ruins of bronze age cities, such as off Psathoura, Pavlopetri, Astakos, Abdera, and Platygiali, falling in line with the bronze age timeline of the Flood of Ogyges, clearly the same flood as of Atlantis (and much of Greece in Plato’s rendition), so we can forgive Plato for his strange oversight, but now with nautical archaeology and these clear facts of history at our disposal, it’s clear that the Ice Age ended at the time of the Exodus.  Read much more about all this at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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