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The most uneducated and scientifically disinclined among us can easily flummox the most sophisticated darwinists by attacking their timeline which posits the end of the Ice Age at circa 10000 b.c.  During the Ice Age, much more rain fell where now are deserts, therefore, because many ancient bronze age ruins are now in the midst of stark deserts, those cities built circa 2000 b.c., obvious is the fact that the Ice Age ended after those cities were built.

And considering the hundreds of submerged sites of bronze age ruins found on the shallow continental shelves in many far-flung parts of the world (see, many of those ruins megalithic, and some of huge cities such as in the Gulf of Chambay off India, that the Ice Age ended actually circa 1500 b.c. becomes even more apparent, the darwinists unable to refute this evidence and logic, try it on some of them!

The cause of the Ice Age still puzzles those of the darwinian bent, yet simple hydrology dictates that the ocean was warmer during the Ice Age, having been heated from below, for all the evaporation which caused the dense global cloudcover for all that snowfall in the extreme latitudes and higher elevations, and all the rainfall which fell where now are deserts, doesn’t that make sense?

Of course Noah’s Flood, the water for it from “the fountains of the deep,” in its aftermath was the engine for the Ice Age, the mountians having risen at the close of the Flood, so when you grasp these simple concepts, those who mock the biblical account will be silenced, perhaps even leading them to come to believe that the Bible is true history, all the way back to the Garden of Eden, which was obliterated in Noah’s Flood, now buried beneath thousands of feet of sedimentary rock.

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