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Academic mockers of the claims and history in the Bible haven’t really thought things through.  They say the story of Noah’s Flood, about a year in total duration, was copied from the seven day globally cataclysmic flood of babylonian legend, with the other stories in the hebrew book of Genesis supposedly too having been copied from the Babylonians (the Sumerians their precursors), yet the babylonian creation story has no six days of creation (the seventh day for rest).

But the babylonian calendar included the “days of evil,” the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th days of the month, when people were precluded from certain endeavors, the 28th day their only “day of rest,” so since it’s not from their own original legends, these every seven days of “evil,” then clearly the seven day blocks were co-opted from the hebrew history recorded in the Bible, that history back to Adam and Eve recorded by eyewitnesses (

So because a global flood lasting only seven days from beginning to end, considering the dynamics of the flood (see, is certainly far too short a duration, and since the babylonian seventh “days of evil” were clearly lifted from the the Bible, a bastardized form of the seventh day of rest, it’s clear that the babylonian legends and calendar were modeled yet bastardized forms after the history in the Bible, so now read more about historical truth at

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