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Because atheists cannot prove that the creator Elohim does not exist, doesn’t that make atheism a faith movement?  And because darwinism is a theory at best, a flimsy hypothesis at worst, predicated on the notion that all has evolved, not created, then does that model not fall plainly into the category of faith ‘though dogmatically taught as solid science in the public schools?  So is atheistic darwinism not a religion taught as science?

Atheists tell biblical young earth creationists to “keep your religion to yourself,” but science and archaeology actually bear out the history recorded in the Bible, demonstrable for all to see for instance here, so because atheistic darwinism is clearly a faith with no real evidentiary support, why do we allow that one model of faith to dominate in academia?

When learned young earth creationists face off against darwinists in debate, the creationists almost invariably come out smelling like a rose, yet such free intellectual honesty and discourse is not allowed to our students in school, for fear by the academic elites that the students will see the obvious merits of the biblical model, what is said to be mythology and bad science, blacklisted for clearly specious reasons.

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