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Atheists (who ‘though really can’t prove there is no creator) are angry with God for saying those who reject Jesus Christ will spend the rest of their eternity in hell, but God created hell for the fallen angels, so all humans who confess their sin and ask for forgiveness will be saved, too much to ask of the atheists I guess, who we all know are very proud.

The fallen angels wanted no part of God, thinking they could handle things better themselves, so hell is actually the absense of God, no love, no peace, no rest, what the fallen angels wanted, but do you too want that?  Jesus spoke of literal hell many times, truly to scare people, letting them know what happens to the followers of Satan, his children all who reject God’s sacrifice on the cross to pay the price for our sins committed.

Why spend eternity in hell when salvation is a free gift?  It’s easy, call on the name of the Lord (with repentent heart) and you will be saved, simple as that, do it now.  Being a child of God is a privileged position avalaible to all.  Jesus suffered agony on the cross, so he knows what separation from the Father is like, he’s been there, warning us many times in the New Testament to not send ourselves to hell.

And if you’re wondering how the book of Genesis could be true, the foundational book of the Bible for all the history and teachings which follow, then be sure to read, the science of the future, old school man.  Because after all, if real history is not recorded in Genesis, then where in the Bible, if anywhere, does real history begin to be recorded?

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