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Sharing information in the Facebook chat rooms of the world’s preeminent darwinist, Richard Dawkins, who says he’s not a full-blown atheist since he can’t disprove the existence of the creator Elohim, the assertions made here hold up very well there to the atheists’ scrutiny, if their silence is indication, surely so.

When confronted with this information while extolling the supposed virtues of darwinism, they remain silent, really irrefutable proof that “dinosaurs” have been present throughout human history, and because Darwin’s term species has no classification value genetically, the term syngameons the true concept for meaningful animal classification, they remain dumbfounded, apparently not knowing what to say, which we all can agree is rare for usually outspoken atheists.

Richard Dawkins says that smart Christians fit the darwinian timeline into the Bible, he apparently having not much problem with those “smart” Christians, but they of course cause damage to the cause of Christ, no doubt Dawkins well aware of this, because where in the Bible would real history have begun with the darwinian timeline applied therein?

They rue that christian preachers warn about the Lake of Fire, the destiny for all unbelievers, scaring people with “mythology,” yet if real, would not people want to be warned?  And since Richard Dawkins himself admits he cannot disprove the God of the Bible, should not he and his fellow skeptics be grateful to have been warned?  Call on the name of the Lord with repentent heart and you will be saved, try it, you’ll be glad you did.

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