Where Was Were Bible Book Genesis Old Testament Who Wrote Scriptures Copied Based Upon Babylonian Jewish Captivity Mythology History Legends Sumerian Mesopotamia Flood Creation Pantheon Gods Iron Age When Modernist Interpretation Authors Torah Myth

The bibliophobes of the modernist school of thought insist that the Old Testament was written during the jewish captivity in Babylon circa 600 b.c., where supposedly they concocted the book of Genesis and those which followed from ancient Sumerian legends passed down to the Babylonians, yet with the babylonian gods having been icons of the forces of nature, a huge pantheon of gods, then why did the Jews write about the creator God of all those forces which we see in nature, completely eschewing the pantheon of sumerian gods?

And if we are to believe that the Jews circa 600 b.c. copied much of their history from babylonian legends, the Old Testament then having been written four hundred years after the time of King Solomon, so what god(s) were the Jews under Solomon supposedly worshipping in the great First Temple in Jerusalem?  The modernists haven’t answered that question yet, perhaps because they haven’t been asked, so please feel free to pop that question on them.

So who did write down the Old Testament, beginning with the book of Genesis, the foundational book of all scripture?  Moses circa 1450 b.c. indeed compiled the ancient records, updating the names of some geographic locations from the more ancient names, then having written the history on papyrus scrolls available at the time from Egypt, that history having been recorded by eyewitnesses actually all the way back to the six days of creation, the first recorder having been Adam.  See http://genesisveracity.com/Articles/Article13.htm to see the rationale, and refer to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com for the big picture.

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