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Noah’s Flood is said to have been impossible because the floodwater could not posssibly have covered the high mountains ranges, but when you realize that the mountain ranges rose at the close of the flood while the continents under them too were uplifted by displacement of magma below, the floodwater having rushed off into then deepening ocean basins which pushed more magma under the continents, you can see that Noah’s Flood actually is the superior model to rationalize the geologic record.

About 90% of the continental landmasses are under 5,000 feet of elevation, the high plateaus and mountain ranges such as the Himalayas and the Andes composing the other 10% of the landmasses, so if you strip off that top of that 10% down to 5,000 feet, and raise the ocean bottoms by one mile from their average two mile depth, then the ocean would cover all the continents completely, a global flood!

The new ocean basins sank at the close of the flood because their floors were mostly molten lava emitted through the rift zones during the Flood, so as those ocean bottoms cooled, they gained density, sinking down further on the molten mantle material below which was laterally displaced, pushed under the contintents, that caused the continents to rise while those ocean basins were sinking, seeing now

The thickness of the crust of the earth composed of tectonic plates compared to the molten mantle material below is like the skin on an apple, or like one yard of a hundred yard football field, very thin, quite fragile really, so with the runaway plate tectonics of the flood year, at the end, continental plates crashing into others, and subducted plates melting at depth to rise up as volcanic mountains, you can see that the skin on the apple was crumpled to a great degree during that global catastrophe recalled by many ancient people groups who had spread out all over the world by various means during the Ice Age which followed.   Refer now to

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