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A feeler was extended about a month ago to the Facebook page at concerning possible debates between yours truly and professors at Michigan State and/or Purdue universities to discuss the efficacy of the biblical model of ancient history versus the darwinian model which is as we all know the standard in our educational system today, directly contradicting the history in the Bible.

The person who extended the feeler reported that the professors were confident of victory in the debates because they can demonstrate that it would have been impossible for the sea to have covered mountain ranges such as the Himalayas during Noah’s Flood, but when I corrected that the biblical model presents with solid geology that the mountains rose at the close of the global flood (in which were deposited the vast sedimentary layers on the continents) while the ocean basins sank, the cocky proposal to debate seems to have been taken off the table, still waiting please.

Traditional mainstream scientists of the darwinian bent can’t explain away the real cause of the Ice Age, a warmer ocean having been heated from below, nor that Darwin’s term species has no genetic classification value (the term syngameons filling the bill), nor can they explain why the ocean transgressed onto the continents to have deposited vast sedimentary layers all across them, so the debates I think they sense would not go their way, when the biblical model would be properly presented not allowing the distortions of it which the bibliophobes conjure.

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