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We are now discussing on our burgeoning Facebook page for the Word at why it’s odd that skeptics of the Bible trust far-less-meticulously recorded and transmitted information of ancient histories while insisting that the book of Genesis was conjured up by sun-stroked iron age shepherds therefore not to be trusted.

The reality of this paradox is that if the Bible were not a book of holy judgment (with divine good news to those who will be humble), then it would be treated as a very reliable source of authentic ancient history, because its very broad scope both geographically and chronologically are obviously unparallelled, and absolutely none of its content having been proven invalid, all the names, places, and events (much as the skeptics rabidly have tried).

For instance the global flood in many ancient historical accounts are even discarded just because the Bible says it was so, and because it supposedly would have been geologically impossible, yet such as the Babylonians, recorded by Berossus two millennia after the Flood, said that it was real history, even citing ten pre-Flood kings, in line with the ten generations in the book of  Genesis before the Flood, so were they copying each others’ fake histories, or were those accounts based upon real historical events?

And Berosus recored great longevity for those ancients, as does the Bible, the duration of the reigns of those ten pre-Flood kings recorded by the babylonian totally 432,000 years, so upon what information did he base that number?  When you read the ancient mapping method explained at the foundation website under Earth Measure Geometry, it’s clear that Berosus was enamoured by the lengendary power of those ancients who could measure the earth, he having incorporated that number in his chronology, as too did the ancient Hindus with the Yugas of time.

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