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When the Hebrews had departed Egypt and were entering the Holy Land circa 1400 b.c., their spies exclaimed that the giant Canaanites made them feel like grasshoppers in comparison, those giants the Nephelim, having been the progeny of fallen angels and women impregnated before the Flood, those genes transmitted through Ham’s wife Naamah, who after the Flood was worshipped as the goddess Athena/Isis/Ishtar (see http://TheParthenonCode.com), having brought the rebellious religion of Cain through the Flood, the ancestor worship by the serpent.

In the book of Joshua, the Holy Land is described circa 1400 b.c. as the “land of milk and honey,” hardly what we see there today save for the modern Jews ingenious irrigation projects which have turned the desert into rich farmland.  So clearly there was a dramatic climate change around that ancient time, when many Canaannite cities in the Negev and east of the highlands of Jerusalem were being abandoned because of the unending drought which had begun circa 1500 b.c., just ask Harvey Weiss at Yale, who has the date somewhat wrong by flawed carbon 14 dating.

Weiss says the unending drought from “land of milk and honey” conditions occurred circa 2200 b.c., but when you consider the unending drought in Egypt recorded in the Ipuwer Papyrus, obvious is that in fact was the time of or just after the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, when old kingdom Egypt shifted to desert conditions from what had been the “aqualitic period” in North Africa, when the Giza Plateau of the Pyramids was green and the wadis flowed as streams year ’round.  Read much more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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