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Upon a somewhat thorough analysis and comparison of the archaic greek mythological story to biblical history, it becomes obvious that the ancient greek artists and storytellers were well aware of the history in Genesis, their version ‘though biased such that the serpent in the Garden of Eden (the Garden of the Hesperides to the Greeks) was the good guy.

That serpent (the Devil manifested) provided what the Greeks considered beneficial knowledge to humankind, its resurgence with ancestory worship under the aegis of Athena, who in reality was Ham’s wife Naamah, that “goddess” having been a sister of Tubal Cain of the lineage of Cain before the global flood through which Ham and Naamah (Athena) with the six others on Noah’s Ark had survived.

Athena had fully-grown come from the head of Zeus, who really was Adam, and Hera his wife, who really was Eve, so Athena having come forth fully grown was as Adam and Eve had come into the world fully grown, Athena represented like Eve, the source of knowledge, Eve (and Adam) having gained knowledge from Satan, and Athena with the serpent friendly to her left on the great monument of Athena which stood forty feet tall in the Parthenon in ancient Greece.

Read much more here about the biblical people who had become ancient greek ancestor gods, such as Ares, the war god, who in reality was the righteous Seth, also treated as the evil Set by the ancient Egyptians, against Hephaestos who was Cain, the Osiris of the Egyptians, having turned sin into virtue, the religion of Cain, brought through the Noah’s Flood by the only member of the line of Cain to have survived, Naamah worshipped by the Greeks as Athena.  Learn more about real ancient history

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