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Don’t you hate it when the computer destroys your work?  Had a beautiful blogpost written about that the ancient Greeks had bastardized themes of biblical Genesis on the panels of artwork on the walls of the Parthenon, but the computer erased it, great!  Google search The Parthenon Code to read all about it.  Hephaestos was Cain, Athena was Ham’s wife Naamah, and Nereus was Noah, he having had his authority taken away by Athena and her followers, depicted on the ancient artwork on the Parthenon.

The Centaurs, half man half horse, were the followers of Nereus/Noah, depicted half animal because they were supposedly crude and lacking understanding, believing the purported foolishness of the biblical account.  Zeus was Adam, worhipped as Atum Re in ancient Egypt, the panoply of ancient gods who actually were biblical characters, Noah’s Flood and all!  Read much more here, the science of the future, old school man, comporting with the greek “gods” lineages.

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