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You hear many supposedly good reasons why people don’t call on the Lord to be saved from their sins and then what the Bible says will be their eternity in hell.  For instance people say that the Bible’s foundational book Genesis is not real history, so why believe the rest of the Bible?  Others say that they would never serve this God who allows the suffering and sorrow which we experience in the world today, while others say that the existence of God has not been proven, so they’re waiting for that proof.

They say dinosaurs such as Behemoth in the book of Job and Bel the dragon in the book of Daniel could not have been real because “everybody knows dinosaurs were extinct millions of years ago,” yet what do they have to say about this http://genesispark.com?

And they say “radiogenic rock dating has proven that the timeline of the Bible could not be true.”  Oh really, is that surely the case?  Study the nefarious history and manipulation of the rock dating methods here http://detectingdesign.com/radiometricdating.html.

Bible skeptics love to insist that Noah’s Flood could not have covered for instance the Himalaya mountains, however, the mountain ranges rose at the close of the Flood while the new ocean basins sank, studying now please closely http://globalflood.org.

Darwin proved that swamp goo morphed into you over millions of years say skeptics of biblical history, yet Darwin’s term species is meaningless for genetic classification purposes, the term syngameon operative, such that only 20,000 syngameons of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark.

Now demonstrating that there is good reason to believe the chronology of the Bible, God has allowed suffering and sorrow for only 6,000 years, and for not much longer most Christians who read prophecy surmise in unison.

Of course you cannot prove the existence of Elohim (Father, Son, Spirit), but since the Bible says all who deny there is a Creator of the fabulous design in nature which we see are liars (this statement meriting credit by some of the stauchest skeptics), and since the testimonies of hundreds of millions to the life changing power of being born again in Jesus Christ bear witness of the God of the Bible, the skeptics know that just calling on the name of the Lord with repentent hearts is all that they have to do to prove the existence of God to their eternal satisfaction.

Now please read much more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future, old school man.

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