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In the great book Argonautica by Appolonios Rhodios about Jason and the Argonauts, it’s written that legendary king Agenor of the phoenician port city of Sidon was the grandfather of the great king Minos of Crete, who eventually was defeated by Theseus of Athens circa 1300 b.c., the famous mother of Minos having been Europa, namesake of Europe.

A daughter of Minos reported in Argonautica was Acacallis, who became pregnant under apparently dishonorable circumstances and so was banished to Libya where she bore her son Garamas, later the founder the great city of irrigation works Garama, the ruins of which are now found in the Fezzan region of the Sahara desert of southwestern Libya.

Jason and the Argonauts had been blown by a storm into Lake Tritionis which today is the Great Eastern Erg of the Sahara, that lake which had been fed by rivers from the southern Atlas mountains to the north and the Ahaggar mountains far to the south when there was much more rainfall back when the Sahara was green with pastures and prolific wildlife, rock art in the region clearly attesting, with horse-drawn chariots depicted indicating the timeframe of the bronze age.

And what of the ancient port city of Agenor named Sidon?  Of course he was a son of Canaan, who was a son of Ham, who was a son of Noah, the legendary Sidon also worshipped as the great sea god Posidon, anciently worshipped all across the Mediterranean, memorilaized in southern Spain in Medina Sidona near Gibralter, the Pillars of Hercules, Hercle was the Etruscan name for Posidon, the Etruscans having been of the line of Peleg, Pelasgians, of the line of Shem, another son of Noah.  Read much more here

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