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If darwinian evolution were true, and the book of Genesis including the Table of Nations was conjured up by sun-stroked iron age shepherds in Israel circa 600 b.c. (as the bibliophobes say), then how could those iron age Jews have known the founders of distant ancient nations such as Thrace, Ionia, and even distant Iberia, later known as Spain?

Of course Thrace was founded by Tiras, a son of Japheth, the ancient name of the Dneister river having been the Tyras, and Javan pronounced Iawan in ancient greek (another son of Japheth) was the founder of Ionia, and Iberia was named after Eber, a great grandson of Shem, so how could the ostensibly iron age authors of Genesis, having supposedly made it all up circa 600 b.c., have known the namesakes of those distant nations?

King Solomon circa 1000 b.c. traded extensively through the Phoenicians with Tarshish (known by the Greeks as Tartessos), the ruins of its capital now under the city of Seville, Spain, and as Tarshish was a son of Javan, you can see that those ancients actually during the Ice Age within a few generations after Noah were sailing all over the world by this method

Another son of Javan was Rhodan, father of the Rhodanim in Genesis 10, he was the namesake of the Rhodope mountains of Thrace (now Bulgaria and Yugoslavia) and of the River Rhode said by the roman historian Pliny to have anciently flowed down to the Aegean from the Black Sea basin, clearly during the Ice Age when the sea level was much lower.  The island of Rhodes was also of the Rhodanim, that territory circa 1500 b.c. having become an island when the sea level rose as the Ice Age was ending.

The Kittim too were progeny of Javan, Cition the capital city on ancient Cyprus (named Kupros for its copper by the Greeks), that island also known anciently as Alashiya, named after Elishah, another son of Javan, the Table of Nations uncannily accurate, it actually having been recorded by Noah and sons, eyewitnesses to the births of these founders of the ancient nations, see

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