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Browsing the bookstore before the service today at the Second Baptist Church in Houston, not surprisng is that still no young earth creationism books are available to give believers and unbelievers alike great reasons to know that the book of Genesis is real history.  Yet with associate pastor Ben Young’s excellent sermon on Hebrews 11, about the fathers of the faith such as Abel, Noah, Abraham, and Moses, Young follows the lead of the Apostle Paul in treating Genesis as the authentic history which it is, so why doesn’t Second Baptist stock great books backing up the belief of the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ himself?

Clearly the reluctant pastors at Second Baptist and most other churches are intimidated by “peer-reviewed” science, that which is accepted at colleges as undisputed fact, not wanting to ruffle the prided feathers of professionals in the flock who would be offended by their having the gall to present Genesis as it clearly reads with the scientific and archaeological facts to prove it.  It’s a shame that they are so intimidated, feeling little pressure from loyal believers who would like to see real Genesis history presented but sit by silently not wanting to ’cause trouble.’

But what would Jesus and the Apostle Paul say about all this?  Would they say “yeh Genesis made sense to us two thousand years ago but not now?”  Would they say “yeh Noah’s Flood was just a swollen river in the Middle East, we all know that a flood could not have covered the earth, joke’s on you?”  Either you believe the Bible, all of it, or you look like a cowardly get-along too lazy or inept to learn the many great reasosn to believe the book of Genesis.  Help us educate and encourage these pastors to step-on-out to proclaim all of the message of the Bible, that message which only makes sense with the clear reading of Genesis as its foundation, seeing http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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