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When Christians allow the darwinists to say that “Bible believers don’t even believe in evolution,” the darwinists are allowed a semantic game victory, because Christians do believe in evolution per se, that’s natural selection within the respective syngameons of animals (the erstwhile biblical kinds of animals described in Genesis), so tell the darwinists that you don’t believe in darwinian evolution, this will level the playing field, taking away their unfare semantic game labeling advantage.

Darwin’s finches were of one syngameon, their variable beak sizes which he said would lead to a new kind of bird, a new “species,” but as we all know, finches are all finches, big beaks or not, so the cornerstone of his theory is rendered ridiculous, his term species ridiclulous too, because many “species” can interbreed, making them of one syngameon, such as lions and tigers, or of another syngameon, camels and llamas.

Using the valuable classification term syngameons, Christians can explain to the world how all the kinds of animals fit on Noah’s Ark, only about 20,000 syngameons of created kinds, including the syngameon of the humankind, our syngameon which following the logic of darwinism is composed of species, known as races, competing against each other, the “survival of the fittest,” so who says darwinism is not racist and should not be countered with the biblical model of creationism?  Refer now please to, the science of the future.

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