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It’s really astonishing (if not considering the solution is biblical) that mainstream scientists and anthropologists completely ignore the flood legends of ancient lands consumed by the sea, quite obviously from the time when the Ice Age ended, for instance the legend of Kususthali, an Indus Valley Civilization ocean port city, the megalithic ruins of which are now found on the shallow seafloor in the Gulf of Kutch off India’s northwest coast, the Indus Civilization having flourihed from circa 2200 b.c. to circa 1500 b.c., when the sea level rose to consume Kususthali and many other cities around the world.

Look at the many sites of ruins now submerged off Greece, demonstrated of bronze age vintage too, so they say the Ice Age ended circa 10000 b.c.?  Do you see the conundrum with the mainstream timeline?  King Ogyges of Greece is known to have lived circa 1500 b.c., a great flood of the sea having submerged much of Greece, that known as the Flood of Ogyges in ancient greek lore, and what of the hundreds of other sites of ruins throughout the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, all submerged circa 10000 b.c. when say our ‘best and brightest’ the Ice Age ended?

The Oera Linda of the Netherlands speaks of submerged Atland, and to the west, across the Atlantic, the Yuchi tribe now of Georgia recall when the sea level rose to consume most of their homeland on the Bahama Banks, the submerged ruins off Bimini and Andros Islands so attesting.  And the Carib tribe of Trinidad recall the now lost land of Iere, consumed by the sea witnessed by their ancestors, all corroborative of the notion that the Ice Age really ended circa 1500 b.c., at the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt.

In the Pacific the natives of Easter Island recall their ancestor Hotua Matua having sailed their when the sea level rose consuming the ancient homeland, probably now off the Marguesas Islands, and submerged ruins off Pohnpei and the Caroline Islands and off many other islands confirm this, not to mention the grand megalithic sculpted  terraces and platforms of the ceremonial complexes now found off the Ryukyu Islands in the vicinity of Okinawa, clear testimony that the Ice Age ended much later than popularized.  Learn more here, the science of the future, old school man.

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