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The roman historian Pliny wrote that in ancient times, the River Rhode flowed down to the Aegean Sea from the Black Sea, clearly at the time when the Black Sea was a huge inland lake, because the river of fresh water flowed down from it.  The name of the strait now connecting the Aegean to the Black Sea gives us the hint when the sea level rose up the river valley to connect the world ocean to the Black Sea, the Dardanelles Strait, Dardanus having been a king in the 1400 b.c. timeframe.

No coincidence is the Flood of Ogyges in ancient greek legend, he having lived circa 1500 b.c. when much of Greece was begun to be consumed by the sea, followed by 189 years of anarchy in Greece as the story goes, rule then established at Kekropia by king Cecrops circa 1300 b.c., that city later known as Athens with its Acropolis.  Does the name Cecrops ring a bell from Plato’s writings about Atlantis?  He was a king who lived in the timeframe that Atlantis (and much of Greece) was flooded in Plato’s rendition, when bronze age ships and weaponry were utilized.

Theseus, Erechtheus, and Erysichthon were also mentioned having lived in that timeframe, all kings of circa 1300 b.c., so do you suppose the date of 9600 b.c. for the demise of Atlantis given to the Greeks by the egyptian priests might have been off just a tad?  And why did Plato not realize this?  We will never know, but since Plato surely must have known of the flood of Ogyges and Dardan, one would think he should have clicked on this.  Learn more here

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