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Since legendary and mysterious Atlantis has been proven real history at, then why do the other young earth creationist organizations not help carry forth the message that the Atlantean empire is proven by science and Plato’s own written words?  You’ll have to ask those organizations, the largest now Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research.  Please do, for they ignore these findings out of apparent professional jealousy, as bizarre as it seems.

And if the information in the link does not seem to you fully logical and corroborated by history, archaeology, and science, then why don’t such as AIG and ICR attempt to say why the analysis ostensibly would be flawed?  We all know that biblical young earth creationism, ‘though coming on strong, is battling against the darwinian monolith of education in the public high schools and colleges, so for large creationist organizations to ignore major research breakthroughs corroborating the biblical model seems unthinkable, yet this is the situation.

Answers in Genesis has published that the Americas were settled by people floating on debris after Noah’s Flood, randomly having drifted across the ocean, now is that not too funny for words?  Please inform those folks that the ancient navigation method simply explained here fills the bill, and ask them to please incorporate it into their teaching rather than random floating on debris across the oceans!  You can really help in this, so please ask the folks at AIG and ICR to get with the program.

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