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Who was Hercules?  The first Hercules lived a thousand years before the hero who sailed with Jason and the Argonauts circa 1300 b.c., the first Hercules having been Atlas, who “held the earth on his shoulders,” born circa 2300 b.c., a son of the canaanite Sidon, the deified Posidon in greek legend (who in reality was a great grandson of Noah/Nereus/Deucalion).

Clearly Atlas was legendary Hercules because the ancient Pelasgians, later the Etruscans (see the Lemnos Stele), worshipped the strongman sea god Hercle, the seafaring Pelasgians (of Peleg five genereations after Noah through the line of Shem) having been a powerful maritime tribe in the eastern Mediterranean during the Ice Age, so with the submerged ruins off Alexandria, Egypt, the city of Heraklion, it certainly was named after the canaanite Atlas labeled with the pelasgian name for that man.

In Plato’s rendition of the Atlantis story, his date clearly wrong with the bronze age metallurgy and trireme ships, a brother of Atlas was Mneseus, who apparently was the namesake of the twin city of Heraklion now submerged on the river channel on the extinct Canopic branch of the Nile, that city named Menouthis, this Mneseus who could possibly have been the king Menes who united lower and upper Egypt.  Read much more here

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