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Reading excerpts from Sir Walter Raleigh’s wonderful book History of the World, he does a great job citing the works of Eusebius, Julius Africanus, and several other ancient historians, to pretty well nail down the dates for the floods of Deucalion and Ogyges of greek legend.

He rightly notes that the Flood of Deucalion covered the earth, according to that legend only two humans having survived, Deucalion and his wife Pyhrra, putting it near the proper 2350 b.c. date, and then he ballparks the Flood of Ogyges at the time of Moses and the Exodus (according to Julius Africanus’ writing).

Of course the global Flood of Deucalion’s time was Noah’s Flood, and the Flood of Ogyges in reality was the same which consumed Atlantis, Plato saying himself in the story that flood having consumed much of Greece along with Atlantis which extended inside Gibraltar to Italy and Libya, the sea level risen with the end of the Ice Age circa 1500 b.c.

Keep in mind that Plato wrote abot the bronze age weaponry, trireme sailing vessels, and the city building of the Atlantean empire, clearly not comporting with the absurd 9600 b.c. date reported to the Greeks by the Egyptian priests of Sais, that date never entertained by Sir Walter Raleigh apparently having sensed its absurdity.

Sir Raleigh probably knew that the greek kings mentioned in the Plato’s story, Cecrops, Erectheus, Theseus, and Erysichthon, who Plato wrote lived at the time of the demise of Atlantis, were contemporaries of king Ogyges, thus contradicting the 9600 b.c. date, so Raleigh just ignored that whole mess, perhaps ‘though having come to the conclusion that the flooding of Atlantis was certainly the same as the Flood of Ogyges.  Read much more at

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