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In his book Secrets of the Lost Race, author Rene Noorbergen relates that on a piece of reindeer bone found in southern France in a cave near Rochebertier was written some ancient Tartessian script, the reindeer having lived there during the Ice Age.  So of course with the darwinian timeline dating the Ice Age 10,000 years before the civilization of Tartessos (the biblical Tarshish), Noorbergen ponders how could that script have remained unchanged through 10,000 years?

Plato wrote in his re-telling of the Atlantis story that at the time of bronze age metallurgy and ocean-going trireme ships, the kingdom of Atlantis was rife with elephants, obviously when the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic coastal regions were cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters, during the Ice Age, it was much cloudier year ’round, explaining too the presence of reindeer in southern France, not circa 10000 b.c. but circa 1500 b.c., remembering the bronze age ships, metallurgy, and buildings described in Plato’s rendition of Atlantis.

So Noorbergen’s conundrum is solved, the Tartessian script did not go unchanged for 10,000 years, for Atlantis was a coastal empire which extended inside Gibraltar to Italy and Libya, as Plato said, and outside down the ice age coastline of Morocco and up to the “tin islands” of Cornwall, England, many sites of submerged ruins so attesting.  Read much more about all this at, the science of the future, old school man.

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