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God’s “silent period,” which was the four hundred year gap between the writing of the last book of the Old Testament penned circa 400 b.c. by the prophet Malachi and the incarnation then resurrection of the Messiah Jesus Christ later recorded in the New Testament, was a time of great longing for their Messiah by the jewish people.

The prophet Daniel in chapter 9 prophetically wrote circa 550 b.c. that from the time of the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem ’til the day the Messiah would be physcially killed would be 483 years later, perfectly fulfilled with the rebuilding of the sacred Temple circa 450 b.c. and the crucifiction of Jesus after that number of years.

Yet modernists taking their cue from the Seder Olam Rabbah written by an unbelieving Jew circa 160 a.d. say that Daniel was written circa 150 b.c., which is really foolish when you realize that Daniel wrote during the Babylonian captivity of the Jews some four hundred years previously, their altered history concocted clearly feeble means to explain away accurate prophecy through Daniel for the time of Jesus’s physical death then resurrection.  Praise the Lord, He is risen!

During the “silent period,” many Jews were aware of the prophecies of Daniel and those in Isaiah about the suffering servant who would be Jesus, so the Jews living during the time of the rule of the roman Pontius Pilot knew Jesus to be the Messiah when they saw the many prophecies fulfilled, yet many refused to believe because they wanted a conquering hero to remove the yoke put on them by Rome.

The second Temple which had been rebuilt circa 450 b.c. was destroyed in 70 a.d. by the Romans, yet the prophets had written that the Messiah would preach in the Temple, clearly putting that time before 70 a.d, rendering further foolish the bogus history of the Seder Olam Rabaah trumped-up by the modernists seeking to explain away the precision of the prophecies from the Old Testament, prophecies fulfilled, real history, all of the Old Testament, seeing, the science of the future, old school man!

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