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Ancient Carthage was built after the sea level had risen when the Ice Age ended, the many submerged ruins in that region so attesting (refer now to  The name Carthage means new city, Cart Hadasht, in ancient canaanite, the Barbary Coast named after the Berbers of Atlantean roots who have lived east of the Atlas mountains since the days of Atlantis, which was named after Atlas, a son of Sidon (Posidon) who was a son of Canaan.

Tunis, Tunisia (where today are the ruins of Carthage) was probably named after the ancient Etruscan sea god Neftuns, who was the same man Poseidon, the name Neftuns of the Pelasgian language (in the line of Shem).  That name Neftuns/Tunis was applied to the region no doubt when the canaanite princess Dido had been a paramour of Aeneus of Troy, who was a Pelasgian, she settled in Carthage after their romance.

Almost all of north Africa (named after the berber goddess Afri) was called Libya, who was Poseidon’s wife according to ancient legend.  And Lake Tritonis (where Jason and the Argonauts had sailed) to the southeast of Tunis was named after one of their sons Triton, that huge lake having dried up since the Ice Age ended, the drying of it having begun circa 1500 b.c., not surprisingly at the time of the Exodus (read the Ipuwer Papyrus).

Interesting to note is that the ancient Mayan word tun for a measure of time perhaps is rooted in Neftuns, Maya having been a son of Atlas, and the Pelasgians surely great seafarers with the Canaanites.  Of the lineage of Shem, Peleg’s father was Heber, namesake of Iberia, the spanish peninsula where are the Sierra Morena mountains, the mining base for Atlantis, so you may wonder how did they sail to such far-flung places?  They measured and mapped the earth by its wobble rate, explained here

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