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As a Christian defending the real history of the Bible from the beginning book of Genesis, a common harangue from unbelievers is the question: “how could a loving God cause or allow such suffering in the world while he could just snap his fingers to change it to all good?”

This seemingly is a fair question, but those posing it invariably are not young earth creationists, so they don’t understand that God allowed the free will of Satan to then deceive Adam and Eve bringing sin, suffering, and death into the world “only” six thousand years ago, God ever since then responding with his plan of salvation for all who would see and accept it for their life and so their eternity to come.

Born again Christians sooner or later certainly realize that the moment they became adopted children of God, saved, born again, they also had become ambassadors for Him, first service for the Lord here on this earth, then eternity to come.  But they also usually later come to realize that this here-and-now is of their eternity, first service for the Lord here on earth as ambassadors, the beginnings of their eternal destiny, the realization that ambassadorship is part of the eternal Kingdom.

Living today as part of God’s eternal plan is inspiring and motivating for Christians, watching God work in their lives as cherished ambassadors for Him.  This makes life exciting for the believer, resting in the knowledge that God has everything under control, sometimes allowing trouble for a greater purpose, of this the believer is confident, proven in the lives of millions of Christians who so testify.  See some great reasons to believe biblical history here, to know that God has not allowed suffering forever and so will not allow it forever for those who believe and accept his Word.

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