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Ostensibly real Christians who discount the veracity of the account about Noah’s Flood in the Bible haven’t thought it through, making a mockery of all the history recorded in the Old Testament thereafter, because if there was no genetic bottleneck of only eight people having survived the Flood, then the precise Table of Nations in Genesis 10 is rendered useless as the template for the history of nations, those nations from the progeny of Shem, Japheth, and Ham and their wives, no more and no less.

If those three sons of Noah and their wives did not produce the nations of the world after the flood, then who did?  And why does the Bible not mention the supposed existence of thousands of other families in that timeframe who purportedly were there too after what the naysayers of holy writ say was just a local flood or a limited sea level rise?  Do you see the slippery slope faced by Christians who don’t acknowledge the global Flood of Noah’s time as a real event of history?

Doubters of the Table of Nations wrongly insist that the world could not have been populated by the progeny of those eight within a few centuries as the Bible indicates, yet when you realize many of those families were great navigators, such as of Sidon (Posidon), Javan (Iawan/Ionians), Peleg (Pelasgians), and Ramah (Rama empire), having navigated with the method explained here, then all of the history of the Old Testament comes into focus for you, the science of the future, old school man.

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