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Ask mainstream scientists what caused the Ice Age?  You’ll get almost a million (well not quite) answers.  They’ll all say it was colder back then, that caused by a variety of supposed reasons such as less “greenhouse gas,” the Milankovitch cycle (during which the sun would be farther from the earth), cold ocean currents, less solar output, on and on, all these wrong reasons predicated on the notion that it was colder back then, couldn’t be further from the truth.

Colder air holds less moisture, so colder temperatures during the Ice Age would have caused even less snow than what falls on the earth today.  The Arctic and Antarctic are technically deserts because it’s so cold, almost all the snow and ice there having fallen during the Ice Age, so what did in fact cause the intense snowfall which covered much of Europe and North America to depths of many thousands of feet?  It couldn’t have been colder back then, so surely not warmer?

During the Ice Age, the ocean was warmer (having been heated from below), and the winters were warmer because of all the dense cloudcover worldwide by the greater evaporation off that warmer ocean.  Because of that dense global cloudcover during the Ice Age, the summers were cooler, so relatively little of the snow on the continents melted, but when the ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures, the Ice Age ended.

Rapid summer melting killed millions of animals in that continental meltwater flooding such as the wooly mammoths now found frozen in the tundra because the winters had become much colder, the dense cloudcover gone.  Read more biblical solutions to other mysteries of science and archaeology at

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