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In order to foster religious harmony in the world, political religionists are saying that all the major faiths lead to salvation by God, which of course makes a mockery of the Messiah Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, the Son of God having given himself to physically die so that all who would receive him shall obtain eternal life as an adopted child of Elohim.

Why would Jesus Christ the Son of God have sacrificed then resurrected if purported biblical add-ons later such as Mormonism and Islam (in addition to biblical Christianity) were to be equally viable ways to know the Living God as savior?  And since the last book of canonized scripture in the Bible, the book of Revelation, says that any who add-on or take-away from the book shall be anathema, then what does that say about the efficacy of the Book of Mormon and the Koran?

Judaists who eschew the New Testament, even saying Jesus was evil as described in the Talmud, ignore the scarlet thread through the Old Testament of the temple sacrifices for blood which Elohim did ordain to point the way to his ultimate sacrifice to come, the Lamb of God Jesus Christ, born to die then resurrect so that all could live.

And because the Judaists’ book Seder Olam Rabbah distorts the historical timeline from the time of Daniel to the incarnation time of Christ, they have been mislead that Jesus’s life on earth was not at the time predicted in Daniel 9, so help all these see the way, knowing that all of the Bible is real history, even the book of Genesis, referring to information such as here

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