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Adherents to the commonly accepted darwinian timeline claim it’s just coincidence that megalithic building cultures worldwide began their projects when the Bible indicates, and the darwinists refuse to discuss the implication that submerged megalithic buildings (such as off Yonaguni) and even huge cities (such as in the gulf of Chambay) indicate that the Ice Age ended centuries after the megalithic building began, so since it’s just hydrology 101 that the Ice Age must have been caused by a warmer ocean, having been heated from below (by the fountains of the deep for Noah’s Flood), why is the biblical model eschewed as nonsesnse?

Ziggarauts is ancient word for the steeply tiered platform pyramids of the Middle East, and almost the same Zicaulis is the word for the very similar structures anciently built in the same timeframe in Mesoamerica, so you can see that the megalithic building culture obviously spread around the world from the Middel East, “the cradle of civilizations,” and rapidly at that, across vast oceans, so how did they do it?  The precise navigation is explained here, the same method used to establish the length of the egyptian (and universal) royal cubit, which just happens to be exactly half the length of the ancient mesoamerican unit the hunab.

The darwinists’ willful ignorance of this ancient mapping method, and their intellectually dishonest refusal to discuss the submerged ruins worldwide of cities such as vedic Kususthali off the coast of India and canaanite Yarmuta off Lebanon, cities known to have been built in the 2000 b.c. timeframe, bespeaks their censorship of real history in order to prop-up their floundering scheme, while the biblical model (much to the darwinists’ chagrin) obviously fills the bill, so Christians must promote these proofs that even the book of Genesis is real history, the big picture presented here, the science of the future, old school man, now help us disseminate the information.

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