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Really no mystery is the reason why church-attending teens give it up when they go off to college.  If you were told that science has disproven the Bible, with peer pressure bearing down on them from all sides, and their success in class much dependent upon their toeing the company line, then what can a kid do so overmatched?

Because pastors and teachers in the churches have not equipped the students to contest the darwinian dogma taught them in high school and then when they go off to college, they are caught like deer in the headlights, overrun by scorn and derision if they try to counter the darwinian dogma which is said to be fact, yet here are the facts:

The Ice Age could have been caused by only a warmer ocean having been heated from below.

Submerged Bronze Age ruins found around the world prove that the Ice Age ended much later than we’ve been told.

Ancient navigators measured and thereby mapped the earth by its wobble rate even during the Ice Age.

The Table of Nations of Genesis 10 is a remarkably precise template to understand the ancient nations and languages.

Darwin’s term species is meaningless while syngameons of animals is the key to understanding animal genetics.

Sedimentary means laid down in water, the sedimentary rocks, covering entire continents, laid down in water.

The assumptions underlying the radioisotope dating methods are in reality unknowable.

All the mountain ranges geologically have risen recently, after almost all the sedimentary materials were laid down.

Now is this information all a picture supporting the darwinian paradigm?  Hardly.  But is this material easily refuted?  Not at all.  So equipped with this information, when/if the teachers and pastors in the churches get off their collective duff, the students can go off to college asking some very difficult questions for their darwinian overlords, the students of course ‘though learning material necessary to make the grade, yet knowing that the Bible truly stands up to scrutiny, absorbing more material such as here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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