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Extremely laughable really is that mainstream archaeologists put more stock in the sketchy histories for instance of ancient Sumer and Egypt than they do in the clear and concise history laid out in the early books of the Bible.  Ancient scribes and priests from Egypt told Solon of Greece that the bronze age included the timeframe back to 9600 b.c. in their rendition of the story of Atlantis, yet the biblical chronology puts Canaan’s son Sidon, who was Posidon of Atlantis, at circa 2000 b.c., smack dab in the bronze age, so whose history is to believe chronologically?

The sparse hieroglyphic histories discovered from ancient Sumer note a few kings, military campaigns, and political alliances and intrigues, from there in ancient Mesopotamia, yet the Bible specifies the founders of nations, their histories in a regional and even global context, that history actually unassailable through honest archaeological analysis, after all, what ancient writings explain the originations of kingdoms such as Elam, Sumer, Assyria, Canaan, Misr (Egypt), and even Atlantis (Atlas son of Sidon) but the Bible?  Why is that not considered reliable history?

The Bible is a clear history from generation to generation, name and place specific, from the time of Jesus Christ back through iron age then bronze age times, none of that history disproven by modern scholarship, and much of it confirmed by the reluctant mainstream archaeologists who just hate the thought that the Bible is all true.  Those entrenched bibliophobes of archaeology would rather trust the ramblings of imaginative egyptian priests with no documentation of events more ancient than trust the judiciously transcripted history passed down through the generations by the ancient Hebrews, so where is the intellectual honesty folks?

Over six hundred ancient tribes have a legend of the global flood from Noah’s time, yet the ancient Egyptians now known to have wantonly created history which is false said that there was no global flood because Isis stopped it from happening, oh really?  So we are to believe that the six hundred ancient tribes, including the Hebrews, are all wrong, while the Egyptians who said the bronze age stretched back to 9600 b.c. had it right?  Please.  And now consider the real science and archaeology of the Bible, what really caused the Ice Age and when it actually ended, seeing http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.  Then now to know that all but the six days of creation in the book of Gensis was recorded by eyewitnesses, refer please to http://genesisveracity.com/Articles/Article13.htm.

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