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Why did the ancient Babylonians use a base 60 number system?  When you realize that the radius length of a circle is equal to the length of one side of a hexagon (6 sided polygon) circumscribed by that circle, the answer becomes clear, earth measure, meaning geometry.

Mainstream archaeologists and other scientists of the darwinian bent are having a very hard time accepting that the ancients surely measured and mapped the earth even during the Ice Age (see Charles Hapgood’s Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings), by the method deduced by me a young earth creationist (see, so please encourage and cajole them to accept this really obvious fact of ancient history, it’s too obvious to ignore, don’t you agree?

When it will soon be commonly accepted that the ancients were indeed sailing all over the globe circa 2000 b.c., the many submerged bronze age (often megalithic) ruins of port cities will bring into focus the fact that the Ice Age ended actually much later than we’ve been told, rendering the history in the Bible truly the roadmap to deciphering the mysteries of the ancient world, comporting with, the science of the future, old school man.

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