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When I was a kid attending church every Sunday and public school during the week, I distinctly remember reading my first primer book with vivid pictures about the darwinian timeline and where dinosaurs supposedly fit into that scheme, then thinking to myself “this is not at all what the Bible says about ancient history,” dashing my faith in biblical inerrancy.

But the Sunday school class teachers at church never contested what they knew was being taught to me and my fellow students in the bibliophobic public schools, thereby putting their stamp of approval really on what was being taught to us about biological origins according to the darwinistic bent, clearly in conflict with what the book of Genesis says.

For years thereafter I assumed that the book of Genesis was just an imaginative fairytale, thereby never believing that the Bible is all truth, ‘though becoming born again amazingly just after my college years, still inculcated however in the darwinian belief that ancient history could not have been as Genesis clearly describes.

Talk about hamstringing belief in the Bible by the churches’ failure to fulfill their solemn duty to present the Bible as real history!  And they wonder why young people today, the children of longtime loyal churchgoers, are disinterested in the Bible, seeing the book of Genesis as just mythological belief supposedly disproven by the darwinian scheme!

If you doubt that dinosaurs (known historically as dragons) existed with humans throughout history, then try to explain away the information here, and please show it to your pastors and teachers, requesting that they get with the program!  Referring them also certainly to, not at all what the darwinists want to see, the science of the future, old school man.

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