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The bibliophobic enemies of the propagation the Gospel know that if they hamstring beilef in the book of Genesis then the public’s propensity to believe the rest of the Bible is greatly undermined.  Christian pastors by-and-large fail to grasp this strategy by the atheistic darwinists as well as by wolves-in-sheep’s clothing who are trying to shoehorn billions of years into the Genesis account, yet the pastors who do understand this strategy of the enemies of the Gospel are almost across-the-board complacent to defend the scriptures in the Bible’s foundational book.

If Adam and Eve were not really the first two humans in the Garden of Eden about six thousand years ago, then the Fall of the humankind because of sin is made mythological, therefore the blood sacrifice of animals for pelts to cover their nakedness just a quaint fairytale because surely other humans were around six thousand years ago according to the darwinists’ rendering.  And if Noah’s Flood did not destroy the whole ancient world of the ten generations after Adam and Eve, then where is the Garden of Eden today, or did it ever really exist?

According to the many thousands of pastors who refuse to aggressively defend the Genesis account, not citing Noah’s Flood as described in the Bible being the real history which it is, then the Table of Nations spelled-out in Genesis 10, the names of the progeny of Noah and his three sons (and their wives) is rendered historically inconsequential.  Yet when you see those names in the Table of Nations written all over the ancient world, names such as Canaan, Elam, Javan (Ionian), Sidon (Posidon), Kush, Heber, Peleg, and Ham (Khem/Cham), the archaeological record surely belies pastors’ usually willful ignorance.

So help us put the pastors’ feet to the fire, encouraging them to educate themselves about the many great reasons to defend all of the Bible, even Genesis, what the bibliophobic enemies of the Bible fear most, that the darwinian paradigm will be finally and fully overturned, when information such as here will be propagated far and wide, by radio ads, facebook, and other public media, while the best way is that you confront your pastors and teachers with this material, the science of the future, old school man.

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