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Atl is ancient Canannite for water, the submerged ruins of Atlit Yam bearing testimony to that, it was a port city of the Canaanites during the Ice Age, now submerged off the coast of today’s Israel, and the Berbers of Morocco and the Basques of Spain know atl as water, clearly a canaanite connection there, not surprising since in Genesis 10:18, God had written that the Canaanites would be spread abroad, one of Canaan’s sons Sidon (Posidon) who had a son named Atlas.

The Euskara language of the Basques (Vascones) shows great affinity to the ancent Nahuatl language of Mexico, and to the the Guanche language of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic between, so how can it be doubted that the ancients smartly navigated the world’s oceans several millennia before the jewish explorer Christopher Colombus by this simple method  Please ask this question to any staunch darwinist in your aquaintance.

The Na Dene language spoken by the Algonguins and Athabascans of north America also shows bgeat affinity to the Basque language, so how’d they get there?  During the Ice Age, because it was caused by the warmer ocean after Noah’s Flood, the Arctic ocean was ice free, so navigation by the polar route made much sense to the northern shores of present-day Canada, or straight across too as later the Basques are said to have brought beaver pelts to Eurrope a hundred years before Columbus set foot in the western hemisphere.  Now please see the big picture here

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