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The biblical Tower of Babel story is ignored by the darwinists because they don’t want to believe that the major language groups of the world derived from the language confusion resulting from Nimrod’s rebellion against God’s clear instruction to the progeny of Noah to repopulate the whole earth, Nimrod instead massing the people at Babel to build a huge tower thought to connect him with the heavens.

Yet when you realize that people groups all over the world have ancestral recollections of that event, the darwinists’ dismissal of it looks silly.  The ancient Irish recounted that Fenius Farsa took the best elements of the new languages after Babel to construct ancient Gaelic, and the Toltecs of Mexico recited the story of the confusion of the languages long before their time (they having been probably from Carthage fleeing by sea from the burgeoning empire of Rome), these accounts among many of the ancient world about that miraculous confusion of language.

The Sumerians of Nimrod’s time predictably wrote too about the language confusion in the story of Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta, the location of Aratta still a mystery to mainstream archaeologists, but when you consider that Noah’s Ark came to rest in the Mountains of Ararat, that region rich in minerals mined by the Lord of Aratta in the story, it’s obvious that Ararat was Aratta, that king just a few generations after Noah, with this template

And lest you think Genesis history was dreamed up by sun-stroked iron age sheperds of the Middle East, having stolen the Tower of Babel story from the Sumerians or whomever, then think again now seeing please, the ancient book of Genesis from eyewitness accounts, except for the six days of creation.

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