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Since most would agree that no one can definitively prove whether or not the biblical account of origins and history or the darwinian/uniformitarian model is true, then really the best we can do is see which side provides the more satifsfactory answers to objections raised, for instance:

The uniformitarian/darwinian model posits that the ocean transgressed and regressed on and off the continents hundreds of times through a few billion years, so what supposedly caused all those transgressions and regressions according to the uniformitarians?

And if the ancient ocean really did transgress and regress on and off the continents hundreds of times, with thousands or millions of years between each regression, then where in the sedimentary strata are the thousands of ancient river valleys descending to the sea which supposedly were infilled with each subsequent transgression?

If the darwinian/uniformitarian timeline is correct, then why are there many sites of submerged megalithc ruins of bronze age vintage found on the shallow seafloor in many parts of the world?

What caused the Ice Age?  The biblical model confirms that only a warmer ocean having been heated from below (the fountains of the deep) could have created sufficient evaporation for the dense global cloudcover for the Ice Age, but where’s a satisfying answer from the uniformitarians?

Since species is a genetically meaningless term because members of differing species can interbreed, why don’t the darwinists admit that syngameons has real classification value?

You can see the the blblical mode actually runs circles around the old earth model for satisfactory answers, the old earth model really raising many more questions that it even attempts to answer, so read on here for much more food for thought.

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