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The lid can be blown off the darwinian timeline with the undeniable proof that Atlantis was a real Ice Age empire, submerged when the Ice Age ended, yet at the same time a bronze age kingdom, seeing that Plato clearly described bronze age navigation and technology by the empire, so the date of 9600 b.c. given by the egyptian priests to Solon was obviously greatly exaggerated, the egyptian priests quite imaginative.

Plato said that the empire extended inside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) all the way to Libya and the Tyrhennian Sea (Italy), and outside Gibraltar as well, so obviously Atlantis was a coastal empire during the Ice Age, its rousing success predicated global navigation,

The island city of Atlantis (Atlas), also known as the city of Posidon (Sidon), is now submerged offshore southern Spain, probably at a site 30 miles south of Cadiz, and the mountains to the north, the source of the minerals riches of Atlantis, then the Sierra Morena mountains, the plain to the south including what’s submerged offshore the dimensions of the Atlantean plain described by Plato, fits perfectly.

The flood of Ogyges of ancient greek lore was the same flood of Atlantis, when the Ice Age actually ended circa 1500 b.c, when the port cities of Egypt, Menouthis and Heraklion were also submerged, and ice age port cities eveywhere else in the world at that time, rendering senseless the darwinian timeline, seeing

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