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All the “species” of big cats are interfertile, from the tigers and lions of Asia and Africa to the jaguars and cougars of the Americas, all capable of interbreeding to produce hybrid offspring, so what does that tell us about Darwin’s classification system by species?  That all those species of cats can interbreed proves all those naturally selected from an original ancient breeding stock, all from one original gene pool, all of one syngameon of animal, so only about 20,000 syngameons of animals need have  been on Noah’s Ark, not what the darwinists want you to know!

Look at beavers, nutria, and otters, all interfertile, and llamas, camels, and alpacas, same thing, and within the human syngameon, what normally would be called different species of humans, but can’t be designated that way because it’s racist, blacks, whites, browns, and yellows, all “interfertile,” of one syngameon, not Darwin’s survival of the fittest which of course fosters race wars, but different types of people ideally living in harmony, making families amongst each other too, one blood, not at all where the logic of Darwinism would lead us if not for the Bible, see the big picture here

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