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The term race for the branches of humanity, derived from the ancient french word rasse and italian razza, ultimately from the ethiopian arabic word ras, means head or progenitor, indicating that anciently a race would have begun with a patriarch and his wife, but with darwinism proponing that humankind evolved from monkeys (or tree shrews or whatever is the missing link de jour proposed by the darwinists), then who or what would have been the progenitors of the human races, the heads of those ancient family lineages recited in many ancient cultures?

Plato proposed the Chain of Being, that non-Europeans were lower forms of humanity, the rationale for slavery in the centuries and millennia which followed, and Darwin somewhat discretely elaborated on that notion, implying that some races would win out over others because of their overall superiority, the survival of the fittest, which of course was music to the ears of such as Hitler, who fostered the notion of the superior Aryan race, killing those seen to be unfit and therefore detriments to the society which he envisioned.

As we know, the so-called races of humanity are interfertile, all of the same gene pool, the same biblical kind in the book of Genesis, of the same syngameon in modern biologic parlance, so the term race is as the ancients truly intended, each race from a common ancestor, thereafter having mixed with the other races in varying degrees throughout the millennia.  So the Canaanites were named after a man, as were the Assyrians, the Elamites, those of Kush, also the Hebrews and the people of Joktan, all in the Table of Nations in the book of Genesis, the science of the future, old school man, seeing

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