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A lower form of life according to darwinian evolution is Onager over at the Democratic Underground website.  Refer now to checkout his manic antics at to see his vain and baseless mocking of, the title of the thread there Genesis Veracity Foundation!

The onager, namesake of the ass Onager commenting on biblical young earth creationism at the Democratic Underground, was crossbred in ancient times with asses, capable of breeding actually with all the horses, asses, and donkeys of the genus Equus and family Equidae on the clearly specious darwinian phylogenetic tree, so Onager speaks from ignorance or obfuscation, you decide, he not admitting that only two of the horse syngameon need have been on Noah’s Ark for all the “species” to have naturally selected from that original pair.

We can only hope that the foolish Onager, typical of the worshippers at the alter of Charles Darwin, will ‘though discuss the concept of animal syngameons which renders the concept of “species” irrelevant and certainly deceptive academically, yet because it all lends credence to the fact that only about 20,000 syngameons of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark, don’t hold your breath, because such notions are like krytonite to the indoctrinated accolytes of darwinian evolution.

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