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The site of Israel’s city of Jerusalem in the Hills of Judea has been controlled by many tribes throughout ancient history; first known as Salem circa 2000 b.c. when Abraham visited king Melchizedek there (who was Shem a son of Noah), the meaning of the name Melchizedek being King of Righteousness.  That site then was controlled by the surrounding Canaanite tribes for centuries after Shem had died circa 1900 b.c.

The bronze age Akkadians and Amorites of Mesopotamia and the Egyptians knew ithe city as Uru Salem, the City of Peace, from the time when the hebrew patriarch Shem had ruled there, yet by the time Joshua arrived after the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt circa 1400 b.c., the city had been controlled by Canaanites for five hundred years, Israel then gradually growing to dominance in the area, King David circa 1000 b.c. designating the city to be the capitol of Israel, where he used the megalithic stone blocks of the palace and city of king Jebus there of the canaanitic Jebusites for the Israeli palace and temple completed by King Solomon of the next generation.

The Philistines, nameske of the modern geographic term Palestine, never controlled the holy site, the Philistines having arrived from the Aegean with other “Sea People,” dislocated because of the end of the Ice Age, invading all over the Mediterranean in search of new land to settle after the sea level had risen and the climate was drying worldwide.  The Philistines settled the coastal Gaza region, never controlling the Hills of Judea, so the only nation entitled to claim Jerusalem besides Israel would be Canaan, yet who calls themselves Canaanites today?

See the big picture here, where you can see the cause of the ice age with the biblical template, and too that Atlantis was real, founded by Canaanites and Semites too, the Atlantis of Plato’s account, ‘though he certainly quoted a far out date for its demise, clearly a bronze age empire, which succumbed to the sea at the time of the Exodus, when coastal cities around the world were flooded and the deserts of the world began to form.

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