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Where was the land of Uz, home of the biblical hero Job, who saw the Behemoth which was a dinosaur in the river?  In the book of Job, it’s written that Behemoth lived in the Jordan River, however, when you consider the evidence, it seems this is one of the few mistranscriptions in the Bible, because the father of Uz was Aram, who lived in the region of the upper Euphrates river, and his other sons, Hul, Gather, and Mash, were the namesakes of Golistan (in the Caspian basin), and the city of Gathar (later called Anau) in the Caspian basin, and Mashabad of the Zagros mountains of northern Iran, so that Uz is found in the country name Uzbekistan, of the Caspian basin, seems not just by coincidence.

Since the War Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls states that Uz, Hul, Togar, and Mesha, were far across the Euphrates from the Holy Land, even the legend of Job in Uzbekistan one of their national traditions.  Now of course Uzbekistan and Turkestan (Togar), where the Amu Darya river flows, is mostly desert, but when you realize that Job (with iron tools) lived during the Ice Age, then the vast pastures with rivers, much wildlife, crops, and herds of cattle and sheep in the book of Job are rendered more than plausible, understanding too that dragons (Behemoth) certainly lived at that time, in the Jordan river for sure as the book of Job states, even through medieval times, seeing, and the big picture here

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