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Skeptics of the Bible doubt the reality that there is a loving creator God because of all the suffering ongoing in the world.  They ask how could a loving God allow such great physical and emotional suffering, wondering why should there be any suffering at all if there really is a demonstrably loving creator God as the Bible expresses, after all, aren’t we supposedly all God’s children, and so then what kind of God would allow his children to suffer throughout human history?

Born again believers understand that sin then sickness and death came into the world because of Satan’s rebellion, Adam and Eve having fallen for his lie that they could be like God if they would only eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Of course they did eat of that fruit, and so became embarrassed at their nakedness and the shame resulting from disobedience to God.  This was the first emotional suffering of humanity, realizing too that they and their progeny were destined to physically die, that suffering alleviated ‘though by that God killed animals for their skins to cover the first man and woman, surely then gratetful that their creator God empathized with their suffering, demonstrating his desire to help.

The fall of humanity because of disobedience to God happened about 140 generations ago, this number gleaned by counting back the generations in the Bible from the time of Jesus Christ’s incarnation back to Adam and Eve, then adding the approximate number of generations from the time of the incarnation up to today, not hundreds of millions of years as the skeptics insist must be for the history of humanity, because they don’t believe the Bible, that it is real history and the instructional manual for a satisfying life as a child of God.

We are not all the children of God, Jesus said so himself, having said that the father of the pharisees who persecuted him was Satan, and since Jesus said you must be born again, by the Spirit, here is the key to becoming an adopted child of God, that which we born again Christians know by experience, the Spirit of God entering a soul unto salvation, not satanic possession, but God possession, never to be snatched out of his hands, bond slaves, willing servants forever.

God (Elohim) says the first and greatest commandment in Mark 12: 30 is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, this is not what the unsaved skeptic can understand because of all the suffering in the world, yet the goodness and mercy of God has been demonstrated since the time he felt compassion for the fallen Adam and Eve, not so long ago, the suffering certainly not to go on forever as clearly prophecied in the Bible, the blessed hope and really knowledge for the saved, but a point of consternation and loathing for the unsaved.

Yet Jesus Christ came to earth for all to be saved, knowing ‘though that many never will, out of pride and stubborness, refusing to bend the knee to their creator who offers the way out of suffering, even in this physical world as millions of the children of God could attest, including Adam and Eve.  This pain and suffering folks will not go on forever, and our lives here on earth are certainly not forever as we all well know, so what’s preventing you from calling on the name of the Lord, what have you got to lose if you do?  God is faithful to answer a sincere call, so do it today, you’ll be glad you did.

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