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If biblical Noah’s Flood was really just a local flood in a wide river valley as proponed by old earth creationists, then why did the birds sent out to find land return to the Ark the first two times?  How wide a river valley need it have been for the birds flying out to be unable to find land, and where now today would such a river valley be found?

Out of the Garden of Eden from a single fountain flowed four rivers, the Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates.  There are two rivers in the Middle East today named Tigris and Euphrates, but where today are the Pishon and Gihon rivers noted from the pre Flood world?

The Bible says that before Noah’s Flood, the Pishon flowed around the land of Havilah, commonly known as today’s Yemen of the Arabian Peninsula, and the Gihon river flowed around the whole land of Kush, commonly known today as the region of Sudan and Ethiopia, those two rivers obviously non-existent there today, and non-existent in extra-biblical ancient literature as well, so what do the old earth creaionists say about that?  Predictably not much.

Just before Noah’s Flood, Tubal Cain was the noted the first great metallurgist, and after the Flood, the name Tubal was used for one of the sons of Japheth.  Also before the Flood in the book of Genesis, it’s written that the Tigris river flowed along the east side of Asshur, that name Asshur used after the Flood for one of the sons of Shem, so clearly those names were not first used by Noah and his sons, those names were applied first to persons before the Flood, as were the names Havilah and Kush, then used after the Flood by Joktan and Ham for their sons.

Therefore the names Tigris and Euphrates of the two great rivers of the Middle East today were taken from the four pre- Deluge rivers which had flowed from the fount in the middle of the Garden of Eden, that old world having been subsumed by Noah’s Flood which catastrophically changed forever the geology and geography of the ancient world, that old world now buried beneath many thousands of feet of sedimentary rock and igneous volcanic flows deposited during Noah’s Flood, the mechanics of it brilliantly explained here

And the fossil record reflects that global devastation, confirming that almost all the syngameons (biblical kinds) of animals survived into the post Flood world, see, even “dinosaurs” having lived at least up through medieval times, as revealed here  And when was the ice age?  Now be sure to peruse, to tie it all together, the science of the future, old school man.

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