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Much of the bibliophobic world’s doubt of the Genesis account, and belief in the darwinian timeline with uniformitarian geology, is predicated on the presumption that Noah’s Flood was not as clearly described in the Bible, the great flood which covered the entire earth.  If that flood really did happen, then the geology with billions of entombed fossils we see in the sedimemtary rock strata was the result of that flood, so uniformitarian geology, that the sedimentary layers built up on the continents through hundreds of millions of years, would be rendered specious, the timeline for the history of the earth then drastically shortened into conformity with the biblical chronology, darwinism out the window.

Anthropologists and ancient historians of the darwinian bent always ignore or fully discount the global flood legends from seemingly disparate ancient people groups around the world.  Just search engine Global Flood Legends and then ask yourself why should these ancient legends be seen strictly as imaginations or just exaggerations of a limited sea level rise?  There are over six hundred ancient flood legends about water having covered the entire globe, having destroyed the previous wicked world, yet those legends are poo-poo’d by the darwinists for obvious reasons.  But if the story is just imagination, then wouldn’t a global fire have been more plausible, considering how difficult it is to imagine a flood having covered for instance the Himalaya mountains?

What the uniformitarian geologists and their darwinistic cohorts don’t want you to realize is that the sedimentary rock layers were deposited in water, that’s what sedimentary means, and the folded sedimentary layers of the mountain ranges of today having been upthrusted at the close of the flood because of the runaway plate tectonics of the flood year.  The geology of the earth really bears all this out, referring now to and, the science of the future old school man, ‘though the darwinists and uniformitarians no doubt will continue fighting it with great might, just ask them about the global flood legends.

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