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Those of the darwinian bent will tell you that the Russians in 1818 were the first to have discovered Antarctica, yet when you view the Oronteus Finaeus and Piri Reis maps, both drawn in the 1500’s from ancient source maps admitted by those medieval cartographers on the maps themselves, it’s obvious that mariners millenia before had voyaged across the south Pacific and Atlantic, seeing and mapping the coastline of Antarctica in the really great detail shown on the maps, unthinkable to the darwinists.

New Age devotees such as Graham Hancock say that the source maps for those Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (in book form by Charles Hapgood) were indeed drawn during the ice age, which ended they say with their darwinist cohorts circa 10000 b.c., but of course sailing vessels for such voyages are not known to have been built ’til the 2000 b.c. timeframe, placing Hancock and co. in an intellectual and historical straightjacket, not reconcilable with their darwinian historical template, but real when one realizes that the ice age ended circa 1500 b.c., proven by the submerged “bronze age” ruins found in many parts of the world.

And those stubborn lemmings of status quo mainstream science have yet to acknowledge as fact the ancient mapping method which explains how the archaic mariners did it, having mapped much of the world accurately in ice age times and the centuries thereafter, laid out for you in article #2 at, largely ignored, probably because it was deduced by a young earth creationist, demonstrating that ET’s need not have done it, wishfully hypothesized by such as Hancock, and all flat-out ignored and avoided by the darwinists.  Read more here, the science of the future.

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